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Our People, 
Your Partners.

Choosing Powers Interactive isn't just about hiring a vendor—it's about gaining a partner. We work in the shadows to illuminate your campaign, providing the digital amplification you need while letting your message take center stage.

Our Philosophy.

Our commitment goes beyond transactions. We know you and your goals. By developing a deeper understanding of each campaign's objectives, we ensure every digital impression is invested right.  Repeat business is our standard.

Our Story.

In 2007 a man in Philadelphia decided to run for Congress. Looking at how much waste would be generated with a television buy, he asked his consultant if digital ads could target his primary voters. The answer was no. So instead of running for congress, this man built a company to better target digital ads.  

Fast forward to today, that idea is flourishing under the same leadership team. We believe in building a company where we would want our friends and family to work. We believe in eliminating waste in advertising, finding tools to fight the Ad Tech Tax and return that ROI to you. And we believe that our strength lies in our diversity—of expertise, of experience, and of thought. 

Our team comprises seasoned political strategists, data scientists, and digital natives, all united by a common mission: your success.

More Than A Decade of Experience in Digital Advertising.

"Full-service digital buying doesn’t come close to describing the partnership, deep industry knowledge, and customized solutions that Powers Interactive provides to its clients. The team’s attention to layered delivery and audience targeting has played a stand-out role in our most effective and successful campaigns across the country."

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