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Supercharge Your Digital Media Strategy & Buying.

Don’t settle for one-size-fits-all. Powers Interactive delivers a multi-platform approach, integrating social media, search, programmatic, and more, to captivate and engage your target audience.

Media Solutions.

There is no team more qualified to execute on your digital advertising plan.


Dynamic, eye-catching ads tailored for maximum visibility and engagement across digital spaces.


Engaging video content that captivates and motivates supporters in the political and advocacy arenas.


Focused search advertising, connecting your campaign or cause with those seeking related information.


Community-centric social media strategies to spark conversation and rally support for political and advocacy goals.


Streaming is eating cable TV's lunch. OTT/CTV video ads reach audiences on the streaming devices and platforms they prefer.


Seamlessly integrated native ads that align with user experience and content, driving organic engagement.


Captivating audio ads designed to reach audiences effectively on streaming and digital radio platforms.


Deliver your digital message on the biggest screens available for full "home and away" coverage.


Direct and personalized SMS advertising campaigns for immediate reach and impactful customer engagement.

Analytics & Insights.

Your data exhaust is valuable. We use tools normally reserved for billion dollar operations for your project, no matter the size.

24/7 Performance Dashboard

Always-on reporting to show you exactly how your campaign is performing against Key Performance Indicators.

Data DNA & Analysis

Award-winning insights into your target audience, including thousands of data points on their viewing habits, consumer preferences, and more.

Reach Out.

Contact us today to see how we can help supercharge your
digital media buying experience.