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Experience & 

Born from more than a decade of digital advertising, Powers Interactive has assembled the most capable team of highly-experienced digital practitioners from across the political, advocacy and corporate affairs spectrums.

That’s why presidential campaigns, federal candidates, large corporations, government agencies, trade associations, school board candidates, small businesses and others trust Powers Interactive with their digital advertising.

Powers Interactive invests heavily in the best tech stack available, with a focus on Supply Path Optimization, always-on customer service and a dynamic toolset.

Experienced Planning

We are not order takers. We are a programmatic digital media company. Clients leverage our seasoned campaign strategists to develop an omni-channel advertising strategy based on our insights from billions of ads served.

Flawless Execution

Programmatic Advertising

Execute custom programmatic media plans leveraging proprietary audience technologies and superior ad inventory controls combined with years of strategic experience.

Search & Social

Increase your messaging and drive more traffic to your site with powerful search & social campaigns. We are experienced at navigating rapidly changing regulations and social media company policies.


Streaming is eating cable TV.  Reach audiences with your video message on whatever CTV device or OTT platform they are streaming content.


Leverage viewership data quickly and efficiently to extend reach, build frequency, and competitively conquest.

Digital Out of Home

Deliver your digital message on the biggest screens available.

Award-Winning Analysis

24/7 Performance Dashboard

Always-on reporting to show you exactly how your campaign is performing against Key Performance Indicators.

Data DNA & Analysis

Award-winning insights tell you everything about your target audience, including thousands of data points on their viewing habits, consumer habits, and more.

More Than A Decade of Experience in Digital Advertising.

Years Experience

Our team helped spearhead multiple voter targeting innovations paving the way for modern targeting practices today.


We have served political, public affairs and corporate clients all over the world.

Digital Projects

Our flawlessly executed digital campaigns resulted in thousands of successful projects for our clients.

Curated Inventory with Superior Supply Path Optimization.

We cut out the inventory middleman and endless inventory bid requests.  Through our top-tier supply-side partners, we provide clients with quality inventory at scale, increased match rates, and successful campaign results.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Who Are Your Clients?

We have executed more than 20,000 digital projects on behalf of candidates, causes, and corporations. That includes roles in the last three presidential campaigns, lobbying efforts in every state, and a wide range of commercial projects in the US and abroad.

How Do You Optimize Your Ads?

We optimize each campaign to meet the client’s specific needs, which may include maximizing reach and frequency, reaching users who don’t watch traditional TV (such as cord-cutters), driving user interaction, or generating the highest video completion rate. We are a client-focused boutique agency, and we give each campaign the attention it deserves.

How Do You Handle Privacy Compliance?

We know data privacy and security is business-critical for our clients.  We incorporate “privacy-by-design” features into all of our data handling processes and only work with ecosystem partners who share our commitment to protecting client data.

Do You Offer Creative Services?

Yes, we are always happy to assist our advertising clients with their ad creative needs. Our display ad designer has more than ten years of experience in political and corporate public affairs digital ad creation.

What are Your Business Hours?


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