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Supercharge Your Digital Media Strategy & Buying.

Don’t settle for one-size-fits-all campaigns. Powers Interactive delivers a multi-platform approach to digital buying, integrating social media, search, programmatic, and more to captivate and engage your target audience on any digital screen.

Our Superpowers: Experience & Accountability.

Born from more than a decade of digital advertising, Powers Interactive has assembled the most capable team of highly experienced digital practitioners from across the political, advocacy, and corporate affairs spectrums.

That’s why presidential campaigns, congressional candidates, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, trade associations, local candidates, small businesses and others trust Powers Interactive with their digital advertising.

Our Record.

Years of Experience

Our team helped spearhead multiple voter targeting innovations paving the way for modern targeting practices today.

Clients Worldwide

We have served political, public affairs and corporate clients all over the world.

Digital Projects

Our flawlessly executed digital campaigns resulted in thousands of successful projects for our clients.

What We Do.

Media Solutions

There is no team more qualified to execute on your digital advertising plan.

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Analytics & Insights

Your data exhaust is valuable. We use tools normally reserved for billion dollar operations for your project, no matter the size.

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Tech Solutions

We've built custom solutions based on our decades of experience to optimize campaign performance.

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Who We Serve.

Serving Brands, Agencies, and Leaders in Politics and Advocacy with Cutting-Edge Digital Advertising Solutions.


Elevating brand visibility and consumer engagement through innovative digital strategies and creative campaigns.


Collaborating with agencies to amplify their creative vision with advanced digital advertising tools and analytics.


Crafting impactful digital narratives for political campaigns, enhancing voter outreach and engagement.


Strengthening advocacy efforts with targeted, message-driven digital advertising to spur action and raise awareness.

Who We Are.

More than a decade of experience in digital advertising.

10+ Years Experience

On average our team members have over a decade of experience.

20,000+ Digital Projects

Our team has worked on over 20,000 digital campaigns around the world.


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